How do I know what I think until I see what I say?” Or let me rephrase Mr. E.M. Forster: “How do YOU know what I think until I will blog about it“?

I resisted to an idea to have a blog since 1996, because I perceived the blogging as very similar to a fasting in desert (actually after a few months of blogging I am amazed – according to WordPress Statistics – that my blog has hundreds and hundreds of visitors every day!). But recently I got a few excellent pushes to start my own blog because when I posted comments on somebody’s blog they got deleted against my will. Turned out that owners of those blogs can delete my comments and thoughts anytime if he/she/they do not like what I said. It happened to me on one of Forrester’s Blogs and it happened to me on my own profile on LinkedIn – when I posted so called “update” and some of LinkedIn employees decided to delete it. In both cases above administrators even did not bother to send me my own thoughts for archiving purposes – they just disappear!

So I decided to start the blog about Data Visualization (DV),

because I am doing DV for many years and accumulated many DV implementations and thoughts about DV, DV tools, DV Vendors, DV Market etc. For now I will have 8 main pages (and they will be used as root pages for hierarchy of sub-pages):

  • Home Page of this blog  is a place where all posts and comments will go,
  • Visualization Page (with sub-pages) is for DV Samples and Demos,
  • DataViews Page (and it’s sub-pages) is about … Data Views, Charts and Chartology,
  • Tools Page designated for DV Software and comparison of DV Tools,
  • Solutions Page will describe possible DV solutions, DV System, products  and DV services I can provide,
  • Market Page dedicated to DV Vendors and DV market news and analyses,
  • Data Page is about ETL processes, Data Collection and Data Sources
  • About page can give you an info about me

Another argument (for me to do DV blogging) was said 2500 years ago by Confucius:” Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” And finally, I have to mention this 500-years old story in hope it will help me to filter out from this blog all unneeded pieces: “An admirer asked Michelangelo how he sculpted the famous statue of David that now sits in the Academia Gallery in Florence. How did he craft this masterpiece of form and beauty? Michelangelo’s offered this strikingly simple description: He first fixed his attention on the slab of raw marble. He studied it and then “chipped away all that wasn’t David.”