My original intention was to write a book about Data Visualization, but I realized that all books in Data Visualization area will become obsolete very quickly and that Blog is much more appropriate format. This blog was started just a few months ago and it is always a work in progress, because in addition to blog’s posts it has multiple webpages and most of them will be completed over time, approximately 1 post or page per week. After a few months of blogging I really started to appreciate what E.M. Forster (in “Aspects of the Novel”), Graham Wallas (in “The art of thought”) and Andre Gide said almost 90 years ago: “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?”.

So yes, it is under construction as a website and it is mostly a weekly blog.

Update for 3/24/2011: This site got 22 posts since first post (since January 2010, roughly one post per 2 weeks), 43 (and still growing) pages (some of them incomplete and all are work in progress), 20  comments and getting in last few weeks (in average) almost 200 (this number actually growing steadily) visitors per day. I am starting to get a lot of feedback and some of new posts actually was prompted by questions and requests from visitors and by phone conversations with some of them (they asked to keep their confidentiality).

Update for 11/11/11: This site/blog got (as of today) 46 posts and 61 pages (about 1 post or page per week, or should I say per weekend), 46 comments, hundreds of images and demos, 400+ visitors per weekday and 200+ visitors on weekend days, many RSS and email subscribers. Almost half of new content on this blog/site now created due demand from visitors and as a respond to their needs and requests. I can claim now that it is the visitor-driven blog and it is very aligned to the current state of the science and art of Data Visualization.

Update for 9/8/12: 67 posts, 65 pages, 133 comments, 12000+ visitors per month, Google+ extension of this Blog with 1580+ followers here: , 435 images, diagrams and screenshots