Last week Deloitte suddenly declared that 2011 will be a year of Data Visualization (DV for short, at least on this site) and main technology trend in 2011 will be a Data Visualization as “Emerging Enabler”. It took Deloitte many years to see the trend (I advise to them to re-read posts by observers and analysts like Stephen Few, David Raab, Boris Evelson, Curt Monash, Mark Smith, Fern Halper and other known experts). Yes, I am welcoming Deloitte  to DV Party anyway: better late then never. You can download their “full” report here, in which they allocated first(!) 6 pages to Data Visualization. I cannot resist to notice that “DV Specialists” at Deloitte just recycling (using own words!) some stuff (even from this blog) known for ages and from multiple places on Web and I am glad that Deloitte knows how to use the Internet and how to read.

However, some details in Deloitte’s report amazed me of how they are out of touch with reality and made me wondering in what Cave or Cage (or Ivory Tower?)

these guys are wasting their well-paid time? On a sidebar of their “Visualization” Pages/Post they published a poll: “What type of visualization platform is most effective in supporting your organization’s business decision making?”. Among most laughable options to choose/vote you can find “Lotus” (hello, people, are you there? 20th century ended many years ago!), Access (what are you smoking people?), Excel (it cannot even have interactive charts and proper drilldown functionality, but yes, everybody has it), Crystal Reports (static reports are among main reasons why people looking for interactive Data Visualization alternatives), “Many Eyes” (I love enthusiasts, but it will not help me to produce actionable data views) and some “standalone options” like SAS and ILOG which are 2 generations behind of leading DV tools. What is more amazing that “BI and Reporting option” (Crystal, BO etc.) collected 30% of voters and other vote getters are “standalone option” (Deloitte thinks SAS and ILOG are  there) – 19% and “None of the Above” option got 22%!

In the second part of their 2011 Tech Trends report Deloitte declares the “Real Analytics” as a main trend among “Disruptive Deployments”. Use of word “Real Analytics” made me laugh again and reminds me some other funny usage of the word “real”: “Real Man”, Real Woman” etc. I just want to see what it will be as an “unreal analytics” or “not real analytics” or whatever real antonym for “real analytics” is.

Update: Deloitte and Qliktech form alliance in last week of April of 2011, see it here.

More updates: In August 2011 Deloitte opened “”The Real Analytics website”” here: and on 9/13/11 they “Joined forces in US with Qliktech: