Data Collection is a starting step(s) in most dataflows and can be implemented as a combination of various Data Collectors: Data Collecting Client (Desktop UI) and Agent (Remote API) Applications, WebForms, Meters (both hardware and/or software based automated collectors), data Replication and Scraping Software (based on triggers, schedules and/or on-demand). Almost 99% of data in the world collected automatically, like electricity usage by meters, GHG emission by environmental monitoring devices or tax collections by payment applications. However many important data collected by humans, surveying other humans, like Census 2010 , observing natural, manufacturing or logistical (e.g. sales, inventory, purchasing, customer support, product registration, compliance, HR, shipping, customer feedback) processes or scanning objects (with scanners or just … eyes) and than entering data through web or desktop application/form into data collecting database file(s).



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