Here is a place to post some observations, quick data visualizations and thoughts while I am walking in my neighborhood. As always, click on picture to see it in full size.

June 2011: PayScale published data about salary and benefits of 9 “IT” companies, so I did quick Column Chart on it:

You can say that Google is a Pay Leader and Apple is underpaying to those who are starting their job @Apple, but can you say that HP is a looser, if people staying there for 18 years? In addition, TopProspect published an interesting diagram of who is winning a “Talent War” and based on that Google loosing to … Facebook:

August 2011: Here is the Geographical Visualization of my LinkedIn Connections, done by Jan Willem van Eck, using ESRI (As of mid-November 2011 I had 910+ LinkedIn connections)

November 2011: 3 Quick DVs of Federal Revenue, USA Spending and USA Deficit (as well all those 3 values per US Citizen) for period of 1976-2010 (and in some cases estimates for 2011-2015):

As you can see, only during the Clinton era USA was able to fight deficit and even got to surplus…

December 2011.  I took publicly available data – the estimation of 2011 Federal budget, all Revenue Sources, Borrowing (to cover Federal Deficit) and Spending (again, only approximate) and created the template of how to visualize those budget data:



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