For the last 5-6 years the landscape in the BI and Analytics market changed dramatically due to  its steady growth (10% or more per year,  while software industry as whole has been much slower) and has now almost doubled in size (to about $10B), due acquisitions (BO, Cognos, Hyperion, Spotfire, ProClarity, SSPS, Applix, etc.) and growth of smaller players like Qliktech and Tableau(e.g. Qliktech sales grew 10 times since 2005)!

Microsoft was one of the first companies who recognized these changes and currently in its 3rd attempt to outcompete BI market and Qlikview (1st attempt – acquisition in 2006 of ProClarity with its 1200 customer base did fail, 2nd attempt with PerformancePoint Server failed again) with PowerPivot and Solver Foundation as free Add-Ins for Excel 2010. In 2010 BI and Analytics market dominated (as of As on November 2010) by 10 vendors (together they are capturing about 83% of BI, Analytics and DV market):

  • SAP (BO+Sybase+…) market share is fluctuating around 23%,
  • IBM (Cognos+SSPS+Applix+…) about 15%,
  • Oracle (Hyperion+Essbase+…) around 14%,
  • SAS has about 13%, mostly in advanced analytics,
  • Microsoft has about 8% but it is not easy to estimate because Microsoft actually do not have BI product, it has a set of BI tools and components,
  • while Microstrategy (closer to 4%) and Information Builders got about 3% of BI market each.
  • After IPO Qliktech actually reached $2B in market capitalization, twice of nearest rival (Microstrategy Capitalization is about $1B and 73% of Microstrategy’s revenue coming from services and maintenance fees as oppose to software sales) and it sales exceeded $200M/year, so it is about 2% of market now.
  • Actuate (BIRT) has slightly more than 1% and TIBCO’s BI sales (mostly Spotfire-related tools) close to 1% of BI Market.
  • However fastest (123% YoY in Q3 of 2010) growing BI vendor is Tableau Software, which is so far much smaller than 10 BI vendors above.

June 2011 Update: In June 2011 Gartner finally (better late then never!) recognized the Difference between BI and DV market, but attempts to call DV market as “Data Discovery Market” (for obvious and funny reason: SAS is one of Gartner’s biggest paying customer and SAS’s DV toolset called “Visual Data Discovery”, for which SAS’s JMP – see Pie Chart below – is a mandatory front-end).

Here is Gartner’s estimate of DV Market Share as of June 2011 (it is a mystery how Gartner’s “analysts” got 6% for PowerPivot, which is completely free; Gartner based it’s estimate on this statement: “the vendor (“Microsoft”) has stated plans to add interactive visualization in the upcoming “Project Crescent” release). Also among others Gartner listed IBM (which even did not release any DV products yet!), MicroStrategy Visual Insight [released in May 2011, just a month before Gartner’s “report – so obviously no sales figures!] and Advisor Solutions [it has good product, but sales are less then $10M !) – like I said – very funny:

For reference purposes I will keep for a while the old list of BI vendors from a few years ago with estimated reasons why customers chose it (old survey data)



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