As of November 2010, the Mindshare of top 10 BI Vendors are drastically different from marketshare if we will measure it by number of people mentioning a BI tools (known to them) as part of their LinkedIn profile and professional skillset. It can be estimate as below (please keep in mind that BI mindshares can and will overlap, because each particular person can have a professional knowledge of multiple BI tools from many BI vendors):

  • SAS has about 32%,
  • SAP – 28%,
  • IBM about 24%,
  • Oracle has around of 17% of mindshare of BI professionals,
  • Microsoft capturing about 11% but growing faster than average thanks to PowerPivot,
  • Microstrategy has close 5% of mindshare,
  • Actuate has about 3%,
  • both Qliktech (Qlikview’s mindshare is growing very fast) and Information Builders are getting about 2% of mindshare, very close to its marketshare
  • and TIBCO’s Spotfire getting less than 1% of mindshare of BI and DV professionals.



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