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Experience with different organizations, including large (IBM, Sears), mid-sized (InterSystems, Environmental Systems Research Institute) and start-up companies (GeoTrust, Visionael, LakeView, Segue). Worked as the principal software engineer for IBM (1990-93), as the principal software architect (1994-98), as Software and Data Visualization Director/VP (1999-present) on diverse variety of innovative projects. Before 1990 worked as a Leading Computer Scientist for the Soviet Academy of Science.

Excellent Problem Solver, Experienced Data Scientist, Data Visualization Director.
Specialties: Data Visualization, Business Intelligence (BI), SDLC, ETL.
Data Visualization Expertize: Tableau, Qlikview, Spotfire, PowerPivot, Excel, SSAS.
Software Director: requirements – definition – design – development – deployment.
Software Designer: specifications, architecture, dataflow, UI, Visual Protos, QA.

LATEST PROJECTS: Managed the design and development of large projects:

  • Technical Leader of Data Visualization Community for Sears (4000+ users)
  • Hundreds of Practical Data Visualizations (Tableau, Qlikview, Spotfire)
  • SaaS Visualization of DataCloud with ability to sync drilldown all Cubes.
  • Multiple data collection, alerting & reporting web applications (C#, SQL).
  • Monitoring system for messaging servers & appliances (C#, .NET, SQL Server).

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (22+ years in software industry, 12+ years of management)

  • Data Visualization, Visual Analytics, BI, Architecture and Management.
  • Software Architecture & Quality, Product, People management.
  • Team Leadership & Project management, Team building.
  • Expert Knowledge of the SDLC, Waterfall, source control & defect tracking.
  • DB: Relational, Columnar, in-Memory DBMS; Multidimensional Cubes.
  • Database replication, file & system cloning, remote boot.
  • Network Design, Discovery, Validation, Simulation, LAN modeling

Data Visualization Director, 2014 – present, incapsulate, Boston, MA

  • Building Data Visualization Practice for company
  • Designing Data Visualizations (Tableau) for large insurance company

PRINCIPAL, Director of Data Visualization, 2012 – 2014, SHC

  • Led Visualization Architecture, promoted Best Data Visualization Practices;
  • Led the growth of Visualization Community from 200+ to 4000+ users;
  • Led Sears’s migration from Tableau 7 to Tableau 8;
  • Authored Data Visualization Blog for Sears’s Information Analytics Team;
  • Published 600+ Practical Data Visualizations in 107+ Tableau workbooks;
  • Managed the Sears’s Participation in Tableau’s Alpha and Beta Programs;
  • Started&Managed the Data Visualization Group for Analytics Community;
  • Data Visualization Advise, Design and Architecture for multiple projects:

· Self-Refreshing Activity Monitoring Dashboards for Information Analytics Portal;
· Visual Reports for Consumer Behavior Frequency Analysis (Shop Your Way Program);
· Visualized Time Series and Data Transparency for Consumer Data Integration;
· Dashboards with Trends and Rate of Changes for members of Shop Your Way Program;
· Visual Comparison of Replenishment and Point-Of-Sales Transactional Data Collectors;
· Developed Financial and Marketing Visual Weekly Summary for Chairman;
· Optimized Tableau Workbooks for Targeted Interactions Analytics and Inventories;
· Created dozens of Data Connections for Operational/Monitoring Dashboards;
· Improved performance of Operational Dashboards for Teradata-based Data Warehouse;
· Designed 30+ near-real-time monitoring Dashboards for Tableau Server;
· Optimized Data Extracts, Connections, Data Refreshes for corporate Tableau Server.

VP of Data Visualization, 2009 – 2012, PCA,

* Designed hundreds Data Visualizations with Tableau, Qlikview, Spotfire, SSAS, Excel.
* Designed Visual Web Analytics for PCA’s Website Visitors Data
* Developed Motion Charts (Tableau, Qlikview, Google Motion Chart Widget).
* Visualized public databases: Gene Expression Atlas, AdventureWorks2008, etc.
* Designed Interactive Visualizations of Fragmentation, Compression, Usage, Query Optimization Statistics for all SQL Server Instances and Databases across entire corporate network.

Principal Data Visualization Consultant and Adviser, 2009 – present, Pagos, Cambridge, MA,

* Advising and Consulting on multiple Data Visualization topics and projects;
* Led the design of the architecture of Pagos Data Visualizer and Data Visualization Subsysten for SpreadsheetWEB

Director of Software Development, 2006 – 2009, Perillon, Littleton, MA

* Architected Perillon’s products: Dashboards (Qlikview) & FasTrak (SpreadsheetWEB);
* Designed, purchased hardware/software, managed a deployment of SaaS Datacenter;
* Designed and Managed (16+ engineers) multiple Performance Measurement and Management applications for BI, Analytics & Data Visualization for Environmental systems (including Green House Gases & Emission Monitoring), Executive Dashboards for Incidents, Audits, Inspections, Alerts (SpreadsheetWEB, SQL Server, Visual Studio).

Director of Software Development, 2004 – 06, Intellireach, Dedham MA:
· Managed the development (30+ engineers) of the complex reporting & monitoring system for large messaging servers appliances; 2 releases of system were delivered on-time (never happened before me).
· Managed the design of advanced messaging platform, including email management, message archiving and reporting products, led software architecture and design, developed UI Wireframes for entire system; helped to build the team.
Director of Software Development, 2002 – 2004, BridgeLine Software Inc., Woburn, MA
· Designed and Managed (12+ engineers) software, data & replication architecture for distributed Case Management System for federal government, managed R&D (C#, SQL, Natural); migrated databases from Adabas & FoxPro to SQL Server.

Director of Engineering, 1999 – 2001: GeoTrust Inc., Wellesley, MA
· Built the 15+ engineering & QA team and software architecture of web signing.

Engineering Manager & Principal Architect, 1998-99: NetSuite, Concord, MA
· Managed Virtual LAN project, with 10+ engineers in team, architected VLAN product.

Principal Software Architect, 1996 – 98, InterSystems, Cambridge, MA

  • Developed (C++) Active M COM Server for exposing M language to web.
  • Implemented (C++) Visual M as Visual Studio Add-In for Caché DBMS.

Principal Software Architect, 1995 – 96, Praxis, Framingham, MA
· Redesigned and ported OmniReplicator (now MIMIX® replicate1™) to Win32 with ODBC support of the heterogeneous, bi-directional, near real-time database replication (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase etc.)

Senior Software Architect, 1993-94, ESRI, Lowell, MA

  • Project leader for R&D of AtlasGIS/TerraView mapping SDK for Win32.
  • Improving (230%) the speed of the vector graphics engine in TerraView SDK.

Principal Software Engineer, 1990-93, IBM Corp.:

  • Designed Image Comparator with superfast image differencing
  • Improved the precision of the playback for Rational Robot
  • Implemented CallTree tracing & code profiling for Lotus 1-2-3
  • Improved segmentation and performance of 1-2-3 in low memory
  • Developed the first Image Capturing & Comparison tool for Windows.

BACKGROUND as the Technical Leader and Software Architect.

· Designed Query tools & pLSA-based Indexing for Concept Discovery framework
· Designed PLSI-based metadata technology, won SBIR Phase I & II awards (2006-07).
· Designed the multi-user distributed Case Management System for Federal Government
· Designed secure real-time file replication & instant disaster recovery (over LAN).
· Architected DB Sync, implemented the remote measurement of the freshness of data.
· Designed automated remote system cloning & discovery of target system.
· Designed unique technology for remote formatting of hard disks over network.
· Co-Designed & implemented IBM’s Rational Robot for Windows.
· Improved Borland’s QAPartner/SilkTest Extension Kit.
· Implemented the automated capture, recording & replay keystrokes, mouse moves.
· Mathematical modeling, scientific algorithms, optimization & Monte-Carlo modeling.
· Automated technologies for memory management, performance tuning, QA.

EDUCATION: Ph.D. in CS, MIS Research Institute, MS in Math, Moscow University
PERSONAL: US Citizen, held Security Clearance in past.
33 references:


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