Here is a Sample Portfolio of my Data Visualizations in PDF format:

For ready for full-screen Google presentation – click on URL here: .

Mini-version of this presentation is here:

Below I listed some of DV projects and DV Consulting services I did recently and in the past:

  • Provided the  confidential technical Due Diligence for VCs prior to their investments into DV and BI companies;

  • Designed new Data Visualization Products and functionality for clients;

  • Evaluated software development strategies and business plans for startups including a comparison of build vs. buy/partnering approaches;

  • Managed and Developed multiple DV, BI and Visual Analytics applications with Tableau, Qlikview, Spotfire, PowerPivot, SSAS, Excel 2010, Omniscope, see slideshow with screenshots samples here:

  • Designed SaaS Visualization Architecture for multi-Cube DataCloud with ability to drill-down any DataCube while synchronizing all Dashboards;

  • Designed multiple OLAP Cubes and Excel 2010 front-ends (SSAS 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, BIDS 2008 and BIDS 2012 from Microsoft).

  • Performed multiple technical and marketing comparisons of the most important DV products and technologies for a variety of clients;

  • Discovered DV needs, problems and business requirements for multiple customers and converted them to technical specifications, project proposals, DV plans and design documents;

  • Developed hundreds of DV Demos, Prototypes, Proof-Of-Concepts and Pre-Sales Engineering DV applications;

  • Wrote multiple Roadmaps, Product Specs, Blog Posts and Web Pages about Data Visualizations;

  • Founded and Managed 2 LinkedIn DV-related groups on LinkedIn with about 1000 professional members;

  • Started and maintaining this DV Blog (so far 68 Pages, 97 Posts, 190 Comments and hundreds (between 800 and 1000!) of visitors every day);

  • Designed hundreds of Data Visualization with Tableau, some simple samples you can see on my Tableau Public Profile here:

  • Designed hundreds of Data Visualizations with Spotfire. some simple samples you can see here at my Spotfire Silver Public Page (click on application icons to see them):
  • Designed hundreds of Data Visualizations with Qlikview. Here are simple downloadable samples:


This list is a work in progress. As Arthur Brisbane said in 1911 (Speakers Give Sound Advice”. Syracuse Post Standard (page 18). March 28, 1911): “A picture is worth a thousand words” but Chinese (Confucius?) said similar 2500 years ago:




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