As far as my time allow me to review DV tools, I will review (over time) on this site DV Leaders and most popular Data Visualization Tools: Qlikview, Spotfire, Tableau, PowerPivot, Excel (the review contains my introduction and 3-part article written by guest blogger and Excel expert Dr. Kadakal about Dashboards with Excel) and Omniscope.

Diagrams below reflect the level of Functionality of known BI and Data Visualization Tools (survey data probably from 2009, so they are little outdated):

and Median “Customer Headcount” of those tools (for example SAS goes mostly to Large Enterprise Customers and Qlikview – in average – popular among small and mid-size businesses)

If you prefer free tools, here the list of 22 free DV tools, click here and here.

Full-screen Google presentation of my old visualizations – please click on URL here: .

Mini-version of this presentation is here:

Permalink of this page:


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