This Qlikview wishlist is a compilation from 6 months (2010-2011) running discussion on Qlikview group on LinkedIn. First column just a wish ID # for further references, 2nd column is a LinkedIn ID of the person who published this wish on Qlikview group and 3rd column is a “compactified” representation of the Wish (for full text of each wish please go to the original discussion here: .

Google doc version of it is here: or below.

This is what John Trigg (Product Director – QlikView Desktop & Clients) said about this Wishlist and I quote:

Qliktech “will be launching the Ideas platform within QlikCommunity that will allow any QlikCommunity member to post a product enhancement ideas as well as share your thoughts (in a threaded discussion) and vote for the ideas (vote up and vote down) that others have posted. We’re currently aggregating all of the current ideas that people have submitted thru our current SFDC portal and thru the old QlikCommunity. We have a list of the enhancements suggested on this forum but if anyone has assembled this into a threaded discussion please share with me and we’ll get the full conversations into the launch of the new platform. We hope that the new facility within QlikCommunity will be open to ALL participants in the very active QlikView user & partner community. And that the features of Ideas give you plenty of opportunity to share views and comments with us an with each other

First 73 rows of this table without referring to Google docs:

# LinkedIn ID Wish
1 20397224 Expression Repository
2 20397224 data inspectors while debugging
3 20397224 show all common properties while multiple objects selected
4 20397224 detailed Qlikview Automation Reference
5 11980239 group copy
6 4837966 action overview with all action triggers
7 4837966 resident load wizard
8 4837966 resizing/stretching for all objects
9 4837966 enabling group changes
10 2112315 ability to read SSAS cubes
11 2112315 integration with R Library
12 2112315 improve PivotControl to match Excel 2010
13 2112315 integration with Visual Studio
14 2112315 user (not for dev) desktop version of Qlikview
15 2112315 ZFC & HTML5 clients to match Qlikview desktop features
16 2112315 add ability to read Spotfire, Tableau and PowerPivot files
17 2112315 integration with PowerPivot
18 2112315 integration with source control systems (also see NOAD)
19 1432565 enable visualization of multiple dataset on 1 dashboard
20 20388081 make table viewer act as Visio Clone, enable notes
21 5145484 export from table viewer to Visio, integration with Visio
22 660070 debugging with preset number of rows
23 660070 navigate pivot & tables with keystrokes
24 20397224 QVW comparator
25 20397224 Notes Editor for data
26 42576331 parallel data loader into multiple/all sheets
27 7106285 better static reports and exporting to PDF
28 7106285 Linux/Unix/etc. version of Qlikview Server/Publisher
29 7106285 wizard for time dimension generation
30 7251211 Office 2010 integration
31 660070 exporting reports to Flash
32 660070 look-up online sub-queries to dictionaries
33 9017259 enable 2 dimensions and 2 expressions in Line Chart
34 9017259 do not shrink pie chart when numbers enables in it
35 14144113 enable control over how Qlikview join tables
36 14144113 grouping expressions in pivots
37 14144113 floating width of tables (resolution-dependent)
38 20397224 support of frames and auto-sizing
39 20397224 sharing objects among sheets
40 20397224 grouping objects
41 7106285 positioning of objects relative to other objects
42 7106285 support for regular expressions
43 2112315 ability to read from OData, Azure Data Market, Aster Data
44 2112315 free Qlikview Desktop Reader (no server needed)
45 70550914 copy/pate & export/import every element of QV document
46 70550914 wizard for expressions
47 47711939 native integration with geolocalization API
48 81961795 search/replace within table
49 81961795 ability to shield pivot from filtering
50 4837966 better/easier way to access relevant API description
51 26148140 dock-able properties window reflecting selecting object
52 26148140 desktop management app for Qlikview publisher/server
53 27198347 easy export of all tabs of qlikview app to PowerPoint/PDF
54 32544133 better support for stored procedures within QV scripts
55 13020246 copy/paste groups
56 20397224 custom expressions for TOTAL in charts
57 15059712 Standalone QVD viewer/editor
58 15059712 scopes for variables, subroutines, external modules
59 15059712 IDE for scripting/debugging, integration with Visual Studio
60 15059712 remove modal behavior for load/module scripts, table views
61 84724383 user-driven grouping of data
62 15419547 better ODBC support of QVDs and QVWs
63 6413127 method to limit/manage memory utilization by Qlikview
64 6413127 method to limit data loading time
65 6413127 better support for create/update/delete in built-in SQL
66 38275670 connectivity to social and web API & DBs
67 32965733 facility to conditionally change color of items in list-box
68 32965733 better support for the selection of the range of values
69 20397224 contextual search/replace with ability of multiple select
70 70975341 native QV Map Object/Chart
71 70975341 copy/pasted from QV to PPT or XLSX to behave as QV object
72 115849804 support of html/CSS for web client/front-end
73 42086634 enable YouTube embedding into Qlikview apps

3 Responses to “QLIK wishlist”

  1. Jason Long Says:


    We launched QlikCommunity Ideas this week, so you now have a place for all of these great ideas! You can learn more and see a video demo of this new feature here:

    We look forward to receiving lots of great ideas from you and all of the rest of our QlikCommunity!


    Jason M. Long
    Community Manager

    1. Andrei Pandre Says:

      Thanks Jason:

      I followed your advise and published a couple of ideas there:

      First 2 to approved and already got some votes UP, 3rd is waiting for approval, so we will see how it works:

      “Integration with R”
      Qlikview is a good foundation for Visual Analytics, but does not have enough analytical power. Competitors like Spotfire (and soon Omniscope) have an excellent integration with analytical tools, like R library and R scripts; Spotfire even has own commercial version of R called S-Plus. Qlikview should have the same or better functionality. FYI, R community has more then million of active users.

      If R is too “open” for Qliktech, there are plenty of commercial alternatives to it. I know that many Qliktech Partners have need for extra analytical functionality integrated with Qlikview.


      “Virtual Memory for Qlikview: an ability to expand the database beyond RAM”
      Qliktech Competitors (e.g. Spotfire and Tableau) have similar to Qlikview in-memory columnar databases/datastores, but their Data Engines are capable to allocate data outside of RAM, e.g. on disk and therefore they are able to handle much larger data sets and scale (theoretically, at least) unlimitedly. In the era of “big data”, cheap fast disks, very fast (and relatively cheap) SSD and soon to be available PCM (Phase-Change Memory), Qlikview should have a full support for virtual memory and an ability to take advantage of all this storage options.


      “Qlikview has to be able to read Microsoft DataCubes!”
      With upcoming new version of SQL Server 2011 Microsoft has at least 3 of the most sophisticated and useful types of OLAP Cubes on market: traditional SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services) Cubes in SSAS Multidimensional Mode, “new” (Vertipaq) Cubes in SSAS Tabular Mode (no need for Sharepoint anymore!) and “local” PowerPivot-based Cubes. Obviously Excel/PowerPivot can access all 3 types of Cubes.

      One of reason why Tableau is growing faster then anybody (including Qliktech) and probably will outsell Spotfire in 2011 is because Tableau can access all types of Microsoft Datacubes. If Qliktech wants to keep its leading positon in Data Visualization market, it has to be able to natively read and integrate with all 3 types of Microsoft Datacubes. Currently Qliktech and Qliktech competitors (except Tableau) cannot do that.


  2. >Standalone QVD viewer/editor


    I wrote standalone QVD viewer — you can get it here

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