A few years ago Dr. Andrew Abela published a good Diagram helping to decide about which chart are a better fit for a given data and problem at hand (please click on image below to see it in full size).

Choosing a good chart by Dr. Abela (In Color)

Dr. Abela also published interesting thoughts about visualization taxonomies and recommended this 3 years old book by Dan Roam, who also published this Visual Thinking “Codex”:

Visual Thinking Codex by Dan Roam

Good people at Juice Analytics converted Dr. Abela’s diagram to online Chart Chooser application, I suggest to review it. You may also review this post here and presentation from the same author, available online: Which chart? or as full screen slideshow:  http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/3707753

Permalink: https://apandre.wordpress.com/choiceofchart/


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