This site started as a blog about Data Visualization, but some posts end-up as webpages because they are more popular with visitors or have a content which is relevant to frequent visitors or important for Data Visualization as a subject of interest. As I learn over time most visitors coming to this site for the following reasons (this list may grow):

  • to compare and choose the best Data Visualization (DV) tool and/or platform for their needs
  • to replace or complement the “BI” or “Data Analytics” tools they already have with DV tools
  • to put DV as a front-end for their OLAP Cubes or Datawarehouses or Databases
  • to understand DV market, mindshare and DV vendors, as well as DV features, DV functionality and architecture
  • to learn more about DV, especially about what visitors perceive as Advanced Data Visualization, including Columnar Databases, In-Memory Data Engines, Visual Drilldown functionality etc.
  • to choose, configure and synchronize Interactive Charts and Dashboards as DataViews
  • to find more DV reading, including opinions of other DV experts and users and to find DV Demos and public data for DV testing and validation
  • to understand the life-cycle of Data designated for DV from data collection to ETL to in-memory columnar DB to actionable DataViews
  • to find appropriate DV solutions, services, SaaS, help with DV development, consulting and productivity

As a result, this site transformed itself (overtime) into visitor-driven website and it content reflects visitor searches (keywords and phrases used for web search), requests, emails, calls and in-person conversations I had and have with people visiting this website and blog and who has practical interest in Data Visualization. I started to do DV many years ago and for reasons, completely unrelated to my reasons, Data Visualization became one of the most demanded feature of most modern (and future)  software.

All pages and posts on this site grouped into 10 “Menu” Groups:

  • Blog (the main and original reason for this site)
  • Home (most popular pages and eventual sitemap when site will be stabilized – it is work in progress so far)
  • Visualization (most important DV features, like drilldown, exploration and visual analytics)
  • DataViews (Chartology, Choice and Dimensionality of Charts, Dashboards)
  • Data (Collection, ETL, DataCloud, OLAP Cubes, in-memory columnar DBs)
  • Market (DV Leaders and Misleaders, DV Mindshare and Competition, DV relation to BI and Data Analytics)
  • Tools (Reviews of most useful and advanced DV tools)
  • Solutions (DV Architecture, DV Development, consulting and services)
  • Library (Collections of links to blogs, sites, articles, books and other DV reading materials and Public Data useful for DV)
  • About (something about the author of this site, he is not a dog or cat behind PC but a real human with profile, CV and own DV projects)



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