Update for 2011: I estimate Data Visualization (DV) and Data Discovery Market (which is just a 5% of so called BI market in 2011) as a half of billion dollars, and Qliktech is taking half of it (or slightly more). Spotfire and Tableau together are taking the third of DV market (and splitting that third almost evenly for 2011 with Spotfire has a slightly bigger pie due recurring contracts from the past), 7% goes to SAS’s JMP, 2% to Advizor Solutions, 1% to Omniscope from Vizokio and rest of DV Market (about 7%) goes to “OTHERS”,

like Microsoft PowerPivot (indirectly), MicroStrategy’s Visual Insight and IBM’s DV tools like Active Reports (of Cognos 10) and new Cognos TM1-based Visualization functionality.

BI software market was approximately $9.3 billion in 2008 (significantly outperforming the growth of the total enterprise software market (-2.1% year-over-year) and overall IT spending (-6.0% year-over-year) in 2009),

$10.1 billion in 2010 and grow to approximately $14.1 billion by 2014. According to Gartner (published approx. 4/22/11), global spending on BI (business intelligence), analytics and performance management applications jumped 13.4 percent in 2010 to US$10.5 billion, more then original prediction was.

Business Intelligence Market Year-over-Year Revenue Growth: 16.9% in 2007, 21.1%, in 2008, 4.2% in 2009:

Note: Revenue estimates include license and maintenance revenue; excludes professional services revenue; 1: 2007 results adjusted for Business Objects, Cartesis, and OutlookSoft acquisitions; 2: 2007 results adjusted for Hyperion acquisition; 3: 2007 results adjusted for Cognos acquisition (incl. Applix), 2007 to 2009 results adjusted for SPSS acquisition; 4: 2007 results adjusted for Spotfire acquisition; 5: 2007 results adjusted for Longview acquisition

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