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“I very much enjoyed working with Andrei. His professionally gregarious persona was enjoyed by the whole staff. Andrei’s technical knowledge is second-to-none when it comes to Tableau and Data Visualization.
Andrei’s deep experience in application development, Data Visualization and Tableau, helped us implement Tableau along with a whole new way of looking at data to Sears Holdings.
On a fast-track project I worked on with Andrei, he sat down, rolled up his sleeves and went straight to work. With a great attitude and an understanding of how to integrate the back-end data into the visualization we knocked the project out-of-the-park. If it wasn’t for a person like Andrei we would not have been able to deliver as we did.
Andrei is not only a great individual contributor but is also a great mentor. He leads by example and is open to sharing best practices and domain knowledge.
I, without hesitation, recommend Andrei to any project and would enjoy working with him again if our paths would cross.”

— Steven Pardella, Principal, Data Architecture at Sears Holdings Corporation, worked with Dr. Pandre at Sears Holdings Corporation

“Dr. Pandre is the one of the most advanced experts in Data Visualization field. Andrew has a wealth of knowledge in Visualization, excellent professional Design skills in Tableau and deep expertise in Tableau Server. But, more importantly, he is more than happy to share it! Thanks to Andrei and his passionate enthusiasm about data and visualization I have started to make the leap from reporting to visualization.”

— Jane Stone, Technical Manager, Service Level Reporting, Sears Holdings Corporation, worked indirectly for Dr. Pandre at Sears Holdings Corporation

“Dr. Pandre is very focused on helping his internal customers at Sears Holdings. Andrei is the one person in the BI organization who consistently and proactively reached out to help us solve our problems. His excellent knowledge of Tableau Server and Tableau Desktop and advance expertise in Data Visualization made Andrei the true Leader of Sears’s Data Visualization community, which is tripled in one year under his productive leadership.”

— Paul Bibler, Manager, Supply Chain Metrics Reporting, Sears Holdings Corporation, worked with Andrew at Sears Holdings Corporation

“Andrei possess the ability to interact with both technical and functional teams to extract project knowledge and requirements quickly while making everybody around him better and more productive. He’s truly a genius when it comes to data visualization and is a great asset to any team. His command and knowledge of Tableau is exceptional and I would highly recommend him.”

— Sarav Subramani, was Loyalty Analytics Solution Manager, Sears Holdings Corporation (now Director of Business Intelligence at Gallagher Bassett), worked with Andrew at Sears Holdings Corporation

“Dr. Pandre has done the outstanding advisory work for us while designing and developing the Data Visualization subsystem of our SpreadsheetWEB software. Andrei has an extensive experience and excellent know-how in Data Visualization field. He was very instrumental in identifying the initial feature set and overall architecture of our data visualization module. His Data Visualization Blog is a must read if you are in the BI industry. He has a very honest and unique perspective to BI. It is refreshing and very educational to read his blog articles”

— Ugur Kadakal, Founder and CEO, Pagos, Inc., worked with Andrew @Pagos and @Data Visualization Blog

“I’ve had the uttermost pleasure of working with Dr. Pandre while he was a VP of Data Visualization at PCA. Andrew has an extremely impressive background, a rare mix of a very solid scientific background with hands-on, real-world experience on advanced tools, successful projects and products and topics like Software Architecture, SDLC, Data Visualization, Big Data, Cloud Computing, BI, Data Analytics, just to mention a few key areas. Andrew’s deep and broad expertise comes clear immediately after meeting Andrew, hand-in-hand with a very positive, “can do” attitude, broad interpersonal traits and true multi-cultural background.
Dr. Pandre is a proven Enterprise Architect and perfect as a technical leader to lead an engineering team through complex projects”

— Carlos Ferraro CavalliniSolution Architect at Salesforce.com, Carlos was with TIBCO Spotfire, when working with Andrew at Practical Computer Applications

“I worked with Andrei for about a year and was extremely impressed with his diverse and deep knowledge data visualization Fields with advanced knowledge of visualization tools like Spotfire, Tableau, Qlikview, Omniscope and other major technologies (like Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Stack). He worked with me directly Visualization part of new PCA website, PCA Data Visualization Blog and designed hundreds of Data Visualization Demos. Working with Andrei was a pleasure. He showed his expertise and was able to quickly respond to client and marketing needs. I would love to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.”

— Roger Matus, Really Cool New Stuff, worked directly with Andrew at Practical Computer Applications

“I have worked with Andrei in two different capacities in his current job. First was as the Director of Software Development. Andrei is exceptionally skilled at maintaining the focus of a software development team with company goals in mind, he has the tact and leadership characteristics necessary to lead a group of senior engineers with technical expertise allowing them to design creative solutions yet stay within timelines and budget. Andrei and I worked together although in two separate teams. I worked in a customer-facing role and helped Andrei and his team triage priorities based on customer needs. He has a clear understanding that development and services must work closely together because each needs the other in a Software as a Service (SaaS) environment. In parallel with his first capacity, Andrei also has the unique ability to recognize new business opportunities and quickly find and solve related complex technical problems. As an example of such a solution, Andrei designed and lead the new development of the cutting edge product line with advanced Data Visualization, multiple Multidimensional inter-related Datacubes, easy to use filtering and intuitive data searching. A new product was developed very quickly and deployed as SaaS to our customers within months. Andrei is a great team player and overall nice guy to have around the office with a positive attitude and will do whatever it takes to get the job done right and on time.”

— Scott Martin, Software Developer, Perillon Software, Inc., worked indirectly for Dr. Pandre at Perillon

“Andrei and I worked on the next generation of the Data Visualization and BI applications for large environmental systems, using cutting edge technologies. Andrei is a great talent – able to understand business issues, to research and compare variety of the “build vs. buy” options, and to find and apply the appropriate technologies for data collection, filtration and visualization. Andrei has very broad and diversified skillset, and able to work in a fast paced, iterative development process under the pressure. He was very successful in solving difficult architectural and deployment problems while building new Software as a Service from scratch, ahead of time and with limited resources. He is also a lot of fun to work with – very bright, great sense of humor, opinionated but open minded and highly recommended technical leader. I really enjoyed working with Andrei”

— Michael DiPietro, VP of Marketing, Perillon Software, worked with Dr. Pandre at Perillon

“I worked for Andrei for about a year at my last job and highly recommend him as an Experienced Software Director. He is a person who can dig deep into the technical details and software architecture when required, but always keeps in mind the “big picture” for the project and goals for the company. Andrei is an expert in Software Development Life Cycle; he knows well how to motivate software developers and architects and how make them productive. He has very high professional ethics and cares about software quality. It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Pandre and I would work with him again if the opportunity arises.”

— Stephen Patches, Lead Developer, Perillon Software, worked indirectly for Dr. Pandre at Pandre

“Andrei is a skilled and advanced engineering Director with diverse experience in software development, deployment and network design, capable to lead a group of software developers and system engineers as one team. I worked for Andrei at a software company where he designed from scratch the totally new production Data Center. His design included all needed switches, servers, routers, load balancers, firewalls, wiring and software for deploying large environmental systems in form of Software as a Service. Andrei’s design was accurate, frugal, easy to implement and very precise fit for a large environmental systems developed by his company. I look forward to working with Dr. Andrei Pandre again in the future if opportunity will arise.”

— Paul Lane, Senior Systems Administrator, Fidelity Investments, reported to Andrew at Perillon

“Andrei is an outstanding manager. He has the technical understanding to relate to engineers and the people skills to relate to the rest of the company and clients. He does an exceptional job of maintaining the focus of the team, keeping it on track for achieving relevant goals and milestones. I highly recommend him as a technical manager and would not hesitate to work with him again.”

— Mark Sironi, Software Architect, IntelliReach Corporation, reported to Andrew at IntelliReach

“Andrei is exceptionally skilled at maintaining the focus of the development of software, combining the experience necessary to lead a group of senior engineers with technical expertise that allows constructive participation in engineering solutions. I have worked with Andrei as a manager in multiple opportunities, and would do so again without hesitation. Andrei is one of few exceptionally skilled technical managers I have met in my career.”

— Craig Brunetti, Senior Software Engineer, IntelliReach, reported to Andrew at IntelliReach

“Andrew is a motivated, trusting and fun manager to work with. Rare for a manager, he has deep technical knowledge and architectural skills required to lead innovative projects. He’s very good at breaking up a large project into smaller tasks and allocating work to appropriate team members in an organized and measurable manner. Under his leadership, our team released products on schedule which had not happened before. We often worked together on engineering specifications and Andrew helped me improve them by validating design details and challenging me when he found weaknesses in them. While keeping control, Andrew trusted me and other developers and often asked for our advice on technical issues and time estimates on the implementation of new features, bug fixes, etc. Andrew is a very energetic, intelligent and creative person and I had great time working as part of his team.”

— Joe Ozug, Sr. Software Engineer, IntelliReach, reported to Dr. Pandre at IntelliReach

“I worked with Andrei on a large scale enterprise web application. Andrei’s understanding of the software architecture and infrastructure required for this project was thorough and sound. With his depth of technical experience in software development, his designs were solid and forward-thinking – and took into consideration issues of performance, reliability and scalability. He has strong ability to decompose a design for implementation into appropriate project tasks for his team, at the appropriate level of detail, and adeptly manage changes to scope and schedule. He is also a strong engineering manager who gains respect and loyalty from his direct reports. He is also a good mentor, requiring good software engineering practices be followed, and appreciative of the need for good engineering documentation. I would gladly work with Andrei again.”

— Andrea Wood, Director, Product Management, IntelliReach, worked with Andrew at IntelliReach

“Andrei worked with me during the early days of SQA, Inc., which I founded. (We have kept in touch since.) Andrei is one of the best analytical thinkers I have known. He is the one I would send the most difficult problems to and he would always come back with good solutions. Andre is also very enjoyable to work with. He is opinionated and passionate about his work, but is a good listener.”

— Phil Wallingford, Vice President, IBM, managed Dr. Pandre at IBM

“Andrei brings a unique blend of architectural insight and management seasoning that you see in few people. Most senior managers couldn’t handle a granular design debate with an architect (and win), and most technical heavyweights couldn’t manage and mentor a team and make them better. Andrei can do both, and it’s one of the reasons he generates such loyalty from his team.”

— Mark Knowlton, Sr. Technical Recruiter, KForce, was a consultant to Andrew at Multiple Companies

“What makes Andrei Pandre a remarkable colleague is not the fact that he’s incredibly smart, a creative problem solver, or highly experienced. What makes him a highly valuable colleague is the fact that he is all these things, and a pleasure to work with. Andrei’s contributions to our proposal generation ensured that we won some significant business, including the largest single project we engaged, a comprehensive multi-user distributed Case Management System for the Federal Government. He led the design and technical build out for this application, including the data and replication architecture. While building the system using bleeding edge Microsoft technologies, Andrei also masterminded the migration of a large pre-existing database from Adabas and FoxPro to SQL Server. These accomplishments are especially impressive when one considers that he managed to complete this Herculean task despite a challenging business environment that denied him critical tools. Andrei’s technical and interpersonal skills are evident in his ability to manage multiple projects in parallel. His lasting friendships with colleagues demonstrates his ability to lead a team and build important relationships. If you’re looking for an experienced leader to grow a team, solve complex technical issues, and generate revenue for the enterprise, look no further than Andrei.”

— Evan Gerber, Consultant, User Experience, Molecular, worked directly with Andrew at Bridgeline

“Andrew was one of GeoTrust’s critical early phase technical architects and influential team leaders to manage the design & development of GeoTrust’s SDK for Content Signing, Identity Management and SSO web services (J2EE, JSP, XML, JDBC, Oracle, C++, OpenSSL) for the B2B eCommerce sector. We were pleased to identify Andrew and most importantly complete the offer extension stage with him after numerous companies had extended offers to him during the extremely competitive and tight market of 1999-2000. After I hired Andrew, he played a pivotal role in the organic growth of GeoTrust at a very critical stage in the early development life cycle of their product. He grew his technical team from scratch, which consisted of some of the greatest technical minds in the PKI/Internet Security space at that time. Andrew is a person of strong character and is truly a technical genius. He combines the rare mix of great technical aptitude with a leadership by example mentality. I often enjoyed his humor, especially when our team was faced with very stringent timelines and great pressures to advance product development and staff. To this day, it is my belief that Andrew’s contributions to GeoTrust early on played a significant role in the ultimate success of the organization, which in later years was acquired by Verisign, Inc. for $126mm. It would be my absolute pleasure to work along side Andrew again in the future! .”

— Steven Joseph Dalicandro, Senior Staffing Consultant, Benchmark HR, worked with Andrew at GeoTrust

“Though my time working for Andrew was short-lived, I don’t recall but good things from the stretch we spent together. He provided proper guidance, encouragement and mentoring. I would certainly work with Andrew again, should the opportunity arise, based on my experience with him.”

— Hani Hamandi, Senior Software Engineer, GeoTrust, Inc., reported to Dr. Pandre at GeoTrust Inc.

“It was a great pleasure to work with Andrei, an individual that can funnel his passion and knowledge in architecting and developing software that surpasses any expectation. His business acumen was tremendous value add in bringing to market the first version of our application to market. I would highly recommend Andrei whether in a start-up or more established organization.”

— Feza Pamir, Director, Product Marketing, Geotrust, worked with Andrew at GeoTrust Inc.

“Andrew was able to take a startup’s early concept, build an engineering team and drive the product development – and do all this whilst working with other factions of the company in a very chaotic & political startup environment. His deep knowledge of the software life-cycle, coupled with his energy and creativity, make him a pleasure to work with.”

— Ronald Albuquerque, Principal Software Engineer, GeoTrust, reported to Andrew at GeoTrust Inc.

“Dr. Pandre is an outstanding computer scientist and was highly valued to me and the entire engineering team at NetSuite Development Corp. During his tenure at NetSuite, Andrei was instrumental in delivering complex and advanced software architectures, components, and brought forward technical leadership and direction setting. Andrei is extremely passionate about his work and the quality of his output was always stellar. A strong work ethic, fast study, high integrity, team player, mastery of skills, and a sustained drive for success are all attributes that define Dr. Pandre. It was a sincere pleasure to have worked with Andrei and I highly recommend him.”

— Dan Tonelli, CTO, NetSuite Development Corp, managed Dr. Pandre at NetSuite Development Corp.

“I worked with Dr. Pandre in 1998-1999 while at NetSuite Development Corporation. We worked on parallel projects and we had the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas on project plans, architecture and implementation. I always enjoyed working with Andrei because he is a great out-of-the-box thinker and a good listener. I would often bounce ideas off Andrei and work out some of the more difficult design and implementation challenges I faced. He was always willing to listen and help, and provided great advice on a number of occasions. Andrei worked on some very challenging projects at NetSuite, and succeeded in architecting and implementing some difficult algorithms for our company. He was also a solid leader and motivator of people working with him. He was an enjoyable associate with a good sense of humor. I have maintained a lasting friendship with Andrei based on this initial work experience with him. I think one of Andrei’s greatest strength is his ability to think out of the box. Given a technical problem or project, he is amazingly quick to understand the requirements, concepts and goals, and is very creative in coming up with ideas and architectures for their solutions. He is well-versed in a wide variety of technology areas, and is able to apply these technologies to his solutions. He is very strong in the area of algorithms and design. His educational background at the Moscow University formed a solid foundation for this ability, and he was one of the early high tech entrepreneurs in Russia. This required a great deal of courage, skill and strength to even enter the game. A glance at the accomplishments on his resume only serves to emphasize his strengths even further. He has worked on and solved a wide variety of extremely challenging problems. I am often in awe of his versatility. Andrei is also a strong team leader. He is a good listener and is very motivating. People working with and for him enjoy their relationship with him a great deal and are inspired by his intelligence and enthusiasm. I am proud and honored to have worked with Andrei, and I feel he would be a great asset to any organization he is a part of.”

— Peter Moss, Software Developer, Ab Initio, worked with Andrew at NetSuite Development Corp.

“Faced with the difficult problem of VLAN management, Andrew researched and prototyped the hierarchical model of Virtual LANs and proposed algorithms for computation of VLAN Domains and validation of membership for all existing types of VLANs. His natural combination of technical leadership with management skills allowed him to quickly build an engineering team for this project and deliver the product on-schedule, while motivating team members and himself to learn a lot of new skills and technologies. Andrew is a very intelligent, creative and pleasant person to work with and I can recommend him to anybody who needs to solve a difficult engineering problem, manage a talented team and build or improve a complex software.”

— Marko Hantula, Senior Software Engineer, worked with Andrew at NetSuite Development Corp.

“Andrew is a very creative software architect, capable of designing and implementing innovative functionality inside mature and large codebases. For example he designed the integration between Visual Studio and InterSystems’ Caché high-performance object DBMS and developed a COM server and sophisticated ActiveX control in order to expose Caché’s M language to Web Servers and Browsers. Andrew readily shares his knowledge with others; his energy, hard work and relentless pursuit of better solutions played an important role in maintaining creative atmosphere in the team.”

— Mikhail Tsatsulin, Sr. Software Developer, Intersystems, worked directly with Andrew at InterSystems

“Although Andrei and I worked for different groups within the organization we interacted and work jointly on several levels merging the technologies of the groups into a complete toolset. Andrei key contribution to my team and its efforts was the embedding QA Partner/Silktest functionality into OmniReplicator, OmniThink and OmniWarehouse. His work enabling the automation of the testing of the Data Replication, OLAP & Warehouse processes.” Andrei’s work in solving the complex architectural demands of porting the Unix based OmniReplicator 32-bit Windows while preserving heterogeneous, bi-directional, near real-time database replication for all major DBMS (for example, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase) and the company’s internal DBMS offerings (for example, OmniWarehouse, model204 and System 2000) while enhancing performance and ease of maintenance was “tour de force’ in technological innovation and business acuity.”

— Lee Tambeau, Sr. SQA Engineer/SQA Automation & Tooling, Computer Corporation of America – Formally Praxis International, worked with Dr. Pandre at Lakeview Technology

“Andrei brought his deep technical software development skills to bear on the SilkTest-based test bed for OmniReplicator. As a test architect, he designed the test system for DBMS portability and maintenance. The simplicity of the design was indicative of Andrei’s solid software development skills and understanding of DBMS technology.”

— Daniel Goddu, QA Manager, Praxis International, worked directly with Andrew at Lakeview Technology

“Andrei possesses, perhaps, the finest technical mind I have ever had the privilege to know. He has the unique ability to not only understand and quantify the market opportunity for a business problem; he also has the brilliance to envision the solution, and then assemble, inspire, and lead a team of top-notch engineers to elegantly build the technical solution to that problem. In short, he is that rare kind of individual that you can build a company around. I recommend him without qualification, and applaud the acumen of those that hire him.””

— Marc Gedansky, Senior Director, Oracle Corporation, worked with Andrew at Segue Software

“I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Pandre during my tenure at TerraLogics where I was involved in the development and support of windows applications using the TerraView SDK. In addition to being a mentor (when needed), Andrei was always very generous with his time and helpful with his technical insight and assistance. As our Senior Windows Software Architect, Andrei solved several difficult problems for TerraLogics: he ported the AtlasGIS mapping SDK from Unix to Windows; he dramatically improved the speed of the AtlasGIS vector graphics engine for the Win32 API; and he implemented GDI-based printing for the AtlasGIS. His expertise was invaluable and his sense of humor a delight! He is one of those rare individuals who are able to make learning and working with both enjoyable and a rewarding experience!”

— Brent Arnold, Principal Software Engineer, ESRI, worked directly with Dr. Pandre at ESRI

“I worked with Dr. Pandre at Lotus when he came to the United States. Andrei quickly become an expert on the internals of Lotus 1-2-3 and implemented some innovative Quality Engineering tools. Among those tools he developed the first in industry Image Comparison Tool, implemented CallTree tracing & code profiling for Lotus 1-2-3, and designed the General Protection Fault (GPF) trapping technology we relied on for our overnight automated test suites. Those tools were critical to Lotus releasing 1-2-3 Release 3, the spreadsheet standard of the time, with virtually no bugs. In those days you didn’t want to re-release and ship a new CD to a million customers. Lotus (now IBM) taught many software developers about proper software release processes and Andrei was an important contributor to those innovations. Lotus was just a starting point for Andrei in the American software industry, and his entrepreneurship and superior technical skills soon took him to bigger things, as a key part of a series of successful startups. Andrei is very social and energetic and his energy made a big impact at every company where he worked. I highly recommend Dr. Pandre as a software professional, computer scientist and as a person.”

— Stephen Peckiconis, Senior Design Verification Engineer, Lotus Development, worked directly with Andrew at IBM

“I worked with Dr. Andrei Pandre at IBM (Rational) from 1992 to 1994. During this time I took a liking to him and have since maintained a friendship with him. His colleagues are sure to report, quite truthfully, that Andrei is an independent, original thinker and that his piercing intellect make him outstanding problem solver. But I want to mention another of his qualities which I have yet to find in another software engineer: his ability to select out of a multitude of options the one that will bring a company success. We have all had our luck in choosing the correct design or architecture, but Andrei is able to operate on a larger scale and his prediction horizon can span several years. I witnessed a company lose market leadership by applying a different strategy than the one advocated by Andrei. The competitors choose exactly this strategy and dominated the market. Andrei is a highly educated software development practitioner, a Renaissance man of software development able to operate on a high conceptual level and even with very arcane implementation details. His performance is astonishing; there are no tasks too small or too big for him. I wait the day when Dr. Pandre will work in the perfect company – a company founded by him – but if you have the chance to employ Andrei, then cherish your fortune.”

— Andrei Romanov, Senior Software Engineer, IBM, worked indirectly for Dr. Pandre at IBM

“Andrei brought a deep understanding of technology and was able to design and implement complex system software. As a member of my team, Andrei always thought of how to improve the customer experience with the product and was expert in problem-solving.”

— Bob Uva, Principal Software Architect, SQA (Rational Software), worked directly with Andrew at IBM

“I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Pandre in 1987-1989 while at Interquadro. As cofounder and CTO Andrew took the very first Russian IT start up from virtually nothing to a full fledged IT Service and Solution Provider with 650+ staff and 20+ offices all over the Russia. Having great generalist profile combining technical, business and user-oriented skills, Andrew showed himself a master of using corporate resources, his allies, his friends, and his competitors’ mistakes to advance his business. He maintained excellent customer relationships that allowed business to flow even in the most difficult of times. Also I’d like to stress Andrew’s ability to understand business opportunities and their key success factors is nothing short of outstanding. Andrew is one of the most resourceful business savvy and creative individual I ever met. His approach to understand and address business challenges is combined with open listening to the problems and coming up with inspired suggestions all funded by his depth of experience and the ability to always improve. As a CTO Andrew has shown the highest level of technical skills, as well as demonstrated a proven ability to attract the best software architects and engineers available at time and filter out people who were not good fit for our business. As a manager he gives you the freedom to use your experience and work independent. As a person Andrew is a very polished, articulated communicator and a pleasure to work with. His personal integrity and work ethic are among the highest I’ve ever seen. His most significant attribute… persuasion! He dominates his audience with awesome results! I enjoyed very much to work with Andrew. He contributed a lot to me.”

— Sergey Karelov, Sales Director, Interquadro, worked with Dr. Pandre at Interquadro

“I worked for Dr. Pandre in 1987-1989 while at Interquadro. Andrei is the brave pioneer of private Software industry in the USSR, he founded the first software start-up in Russia when private software company was a very unusual (to put it mildly) phenomena, grew it from 4 to 650+ staff and influenced many other successful companies. He has an unique ability to find the best software developers, architects and managers and convince people to join him for exciting new projects. His professional network in Russia and in USA is huge; in Russia at time when he started Interquadro he literally knew everybody. Andrei is a very friendly and trustable person and he maintains and values all his professional relationships, which often will grew up to the level of the friendship. Andrei has a diverse and deep knowledge in software, information and hardware technologies, mathematics, algorithms and software development life cycle, which is very unique for a high level manager. Working with him was a pleasant experience for me because he is unintrusively helping you to uncover your potential productivity; he is a good listener and quick contributor to a solution. Andrei is one of the best managers I had; he is an excellent leader, team builder and great motivator of people working for him and with him, inspiring by his own example, intelligence and enthusiasm. He is fast to understand the customer requirements, software architecture and to propose the constructive solution, the project plan, the schedule, and resource assignments which will match talents and skillset of members of his team and goals of his organization.”

— Slava Lazebnikov, manager, Interquadro, reported to Dr. Pandre at Interquadro